Elevate Your Game

Everything you need to know to get more out of the fish and game you worked so hard to bring home.


Waste Nothing

Learn tips and techniques on how to use more from the animals you bring home. There's more to life than backstraps, breasts and fillets.


The most important tools in your kitchen

Whether you're new to cooking fish and game or a seasoned veteran looking to elevate your game, our cookbooks are the tools you need to succeed. More than 100,000 copies sold!


Small Game Magic

Hundreds of recipes for animals as diverse as pheasants, rabbits, quail, turkeys and grouse.

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  • The book that started it all. A primer on all things wild food, from hunting to fishing and foraging.

  • Everything you want to know about cooking ducks and geese, wild or farmed.

Why buy here?

Benefits of Buying Direct


Every book you buy from us has Hank's signature on it. It's our way of saying thank you. Amazon may be faster, but no autographs over there!


Most books in the US are printed in China to save money. We have chosen to make our entire operation American: Everyone involved in our books is based in the United States, from designers to editors. Our printer is in Illinois, our warehouse is in Michigan. It's costs us a little more to do this, but we want to support American industry.


All our books are hardcover and lay flat, so you can use them in the kitchen while cooking. They are made with heavy duty covers and acid-free, archival paper. Each book has more than 100 color photos, and most recipes have pictures.


H&H Books is a small, independent, US-based publisher of cookbooks covering wild game, fish, wild plants, mushrooms and more. No big corporate structure here, it's just Hank and Holly and our tight-knit team of book mavens.