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Book - Hook, Line and Supper

Book - Hook, Line and Supper

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Quite possibly the only fish and seafood cookbook you’ll ever need, from the author of the award-winning website Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.

So many people get all tense when faced with a piece of fish or a bag of shrimp. It’s understandable: you went through all that effort to catch it, or, if you bought it from the store, we all know that fish isn’t cheap. You don’t want to mess things up. Hook, Line and Supper aims to cure that stage fright once and for all by breaking down the essence of fish and seafood cookery, allowing you to master the methods that bring out the best in whatever you catch or bring home from the market.


Rather than focusing on specific species, Hook, Line and Supper zeroes in on broad, widely applicable varieties of fish – both freshwater and salt – that can substitute for each other, and clearly and carefully provides master recipes and techniques that will help you become a more competent and complete fish and seafood cook.

Hank Shaw, an award-winning food writer, angler, commercial fisherman and cook at the forefront of the wild-to-table revolution, provides all you need to know about buying, cleaning, and cooking fish and seafood from all over North America. You'll find detailed information on how best to treat these various species from the moment they emerge from the water, as well as how to select them in the market, how to prep, cut and store your fish and seafood. 

Praise for Hook Line and Supper

Hank Shaw’s Hook, Line and Supper instantly became my go-to book for enjoying one of the greatest reasons for getting out in nature; to catch and eat fish! His enthusiasm, experience and knowledge instantly lit a fire under me to get me back outside so that I can enjoy so many of his incredible recipes and test out so many useful tips. Hank lives and breathes wild foraging, hunting and fishing and that is exactly the kind of person who needed to produce such an amazing book!

-- Les Stroud, expert survivalist and star of Discovery’s “Survivorman”

Relentlessly fascinating! Hank, the high priest of catch-it-and-cook-it, has given us his bible. A work of reverence, humility, and passion, he invites us on enviable adventures and offers culinary inspiration. From tips on using every delicious part of a fish, to sermons on quality and how to handle one’s catch, this is an insightful and essential kitchen guide for anglers and seafood lovers alike.
-- Barton Seaver, chef and author of American Seafood and The Joy of Seafood
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